Baker’s Dozen - Analogue Sources at the Munich High End 2015

Baker’s Dozen - Analogue Sources at the Munich High End 2015

High-End Munich has emerged as the dream show for serious audiophiles, but as a consequence it has also become not merely large, but downright huge. Spanning four large exhibit halls, two of which have elaborate upper floor atrium demonstration areas, Munich is almost too big to take in.

One of my coverage areas for the show included Analogue Source components and with an eye toward giving Hi-Fi+ readers a sense of the flavour of the Munich Show, I have decided, along with Editor Alan Sircom, to provide a ‘Baker’s Dozen’ of the many new analogue products I saw at the show. Please note these aren’t necessarily the top products I saw, but all are eye-catching and hold great promise for demonstrating analogue excellence in the year to come. Enjoy.

Note: In keeping with the international character of this show, prices show may be quoted in euros, pounds, or dollars—depending on the manufacturer.

Acoustic Signature Invictus turntable

The Invictus is Acoustic Signature’s ‘Statement Class’, cost-no-object turntable that includes a massive stand, a six-motor drive mechanism, Acoustic Signature’s, er, signature ‘sandwich’ platter technology, and can support up to four tonearms. The ‘if you have to ask then you can’t afford it’ price of the Invictus is a cool €104,000.

AMG Giro turntable

The German firm AMG (no relation to the folks crafting over-the-top, ‘hot rod’ Mercedes Benzes) has introduced its high performance yet also cost-constrained new Giro turntable, which will sell for €7,900, including a 9-inch AMG tonearm. Performance is said to approach to that of AMG’s much more costly Viella 12 turntable and tonearm, but at a significant cost saving.

Analogueworks TT2 turntable

The British firm Analogueworks proudly explains that its turntable designs leverage design concepts pioneered by the late Tom Fletcher of Nottingham Analogue Systems fame. Now, the Analogueworks product range comprises three turntables, with the top model being the lovely TT2 shown here. The TT2 incorporates a massive 8kg platter, plus a beefed-up variant on the original Nottingham Wave Mechanic power supply, with a selling price of £3,000.

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