Absolute Sounds launches Ten – an artisan collection

The UK’s foremost high-end audio distributor compiles a carefully curated collection of singular sonic artistry from independent makers – starting with DeVore’s O/96 loudspeakers

Absolute Sounds launches Ten – an artisan collection

London, England – For more than 40 years, Absolute Sounds has brought the world’s finest audio equipment to discerning music lovers in the UK. Today, the company launches a new distribution concept called Ten – a hand-selected portfolio of extraordinary sonic creations curated by Ricardo Franassovici, Absolute Sounds’ founder and MD.

Ten stands apart from Absolute Sounds’ main catalogue, which consists of 21 established high-end audio marques widely recognised as among the finest in the world. The products selected for Ten are made by audio artisans – perhaps less well-known, more specialised and smaller in scale, but no less accomplished in their pursuit of sonic perfection.

Ten will not necessarily carry a featured maker’s full range. Instead, each piece is selected for its outstanding individual attributes, lovingly crafted in limited quantity to satisfy the specific tastes ofaudio connoisseurs. Only adventurous designs of exceptional quality stand a chance of making the

grade, and only makers who specialise in a singular concept – a specific type of loudspeaker, or amplifier, or source component – will be considered.

Speaking about the formation of Ten, Mr Franassovici said: “If I were to draw an analogy from my music industry background, I would describe the main Absolute Sounds catalogue as a ‘major label’ to which many of the world’s most critically acclaimed artists are signed, while Ten is a specialised subsidiary with a more ‘indie’ ethos, shining a light on exceptional creative talent from every corner of the globe.”

Mr Franassovici continued, “Each maker has a high level of specialisation. Just as an accomplished shoemaker makes the best shoes, an exceptional tailor makes best suits, and a superior milliner makes the best hats, so the best audio equipment is made by creators who specialise in a particular thing. The bar for membership of Ten is set at the highest level and each maker has proved they exceed it.”

Ten is a number of great significance in culture, religion, science and mathematics. The Japanese word ‘天’ (pronounced ‘ten’) translates as ‘heaven’, ‘sky’ or ‘destiny’. Now, Ten also signifies the extraordinary work of gifted audio artisans, brought together to represent the absolute art and soul of sound.

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