Acoustic Signature Introduces "WOW!" Turntable

Acoustic Signature WOW turntable
Acoustic Signature Introduces "WOW!" Turntable

(From an Acoustic Signature press release)

Acoustic Signature introduced their newest turntable to the family of their German precision-engineered turntables. Music really does matter for these handcrafted vinyl-spinners made in Germany.

  • The same proprietary ‘Tidorfolon’ Bearing design as used in all Acoustic Signature turntables, a with10-year warranty.
  • The same AC motor as used in all Acoustic Signature models.
  • Heavy 9 lb. CNC-machined platter with leather mat.
  • Finish, high gloss Acrylic Black or White.
  • WOW….Less than $2000 with Rega 202 tone arm

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