"Acoustical-Systems Breaking News"

"Acoustical-Systems Breaking News"

Imagine ..... the turntable's design based on asking the right questions first - and its construction truly based on drawing the right conclusions.

Imagine ..... a turntable designed purely and firmly on the basis of the clearly defined physical and technical requests of the complete model of the record tracking process.

Imagine ..... a most consequent design. A design where the required form strictly follows the desired function - not economical nor marketing requirements.

Imagine ….. a full bi-radial aero-static true air-bearing. A true 3D-airbearing originally designed for multi-million euro automatic placement machines.
Now for the 1st time implemented in an analog turntable.

Imagine ….. a rotating 110 lbs compound platter. A compound platter made of Delrin, 3 specific alloys, V2a stainless steel and HD18 Tungsten.

Imagine …… a platter with definite energy transfer, internal liquid dampening and a full non-reflective inner architecture.

Imagine …… a platter where the center of mass is exactly in the horizontal bearing axis. Resulting in a perfect resting mass concept of unparalleled stability.

Imagine …… that platter to feature an inertia 38x the inertia of the largest and most expensive turntables in history.

Imagine …… symmetrical double belt and symmetrical double idler-drive both incorporated in one turntable – selectable at your service and disengaging on the press of a button.

Imagine …… the motors driven by pure DC-power.

Imagine …… an unique custom designed air-suspension system. Based on optical table designs, but featuring a most advanced air-spring-capacitor-induction suspension system with a resulting resonance frequency below 0.5 Hz.
Isolating your analog front end from any parasitic vibrations like no other device.

Imagine ……. a resulting isolation from periphery vibrations so complete, it allows you to jump down a chair with full force next to the turntable while the stylus is in the groove - with no impact on the tracking process.

Imagine ……. an unique all-new designed bell-shape down-force-mechanism for the LP. Creating an unique energy-transfer-optimized contact between record and platter.

Imagine ……. a resulting natural dynamic energy transfer that finally puts a real meaning and content to the so often abused phrase of “finite element analysis”.

Imagine ……. a tonearm base to follow the very same principle of energy transfer and the very same complex compound architecture as the turntable’s platter.
A tonearm base more complex and sophisticated in design than most turntables.

Imagine …… up to 4 of these tonearm bases mounted simultaneously on one turntable. Giving the user maximum flexibility and choice of tonearm/cartridge combinations.

Imagine ..... this turntable not being designed and manufactured to serve as a product. But as the most serious attempt to explore to the very last the possibilities of the medium. 

Imagine …… all these efforts and expenses in research, design and manufacturing only done for one single purpose:

to let the encoded music in the groove of your records
shine to its full potential - for the first time ever!

Imagine …… a sound and a “sonic picture” so free of any “veils”, so pure in its unheard dynamics and supreme authority, so absent of any grain, so real in it’s physical presence, so life-like ……

Imagine …… true consequence - taken seriously beyond comparison, beyond competition, beyond commercial aspect.

Imagine ..... a turntable going beyond ..... far beyond .....

Imagine ………the APOLYT

A turntable like no other…… ever

designed to finally unchain the sound - and to set the music free
Entirely designed and manufactured in Germany by acoustical-systems

In an individually numbered and certificated limited edition of 22 units

Available only at the finest and most experienced analogue audio dealers.

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