ACS Custom T2 Classic Custom-Fit In-Ear Monitor (Playback 61)

Earphones and in-ear monitors

We reasoned, however, that most Playback readers would purchase in-ear monitors for purposes of listening to recorded music—sometimes in quiet environments, but occasionally in more noisy settings (e.g., flying on planes or riding on trains). With this thought in mind, we requested a set of T2 Classic monitors, which ACS Custom graciously provided for us to review.


Consider this product if:

  • You prize IEMs that offer a remarkably well sealed, comfortable, and ultra-secure fit with excellent noise isolation. The soft gel silicone earpieces really do make a big difference.
  • You want an in-ear monitor with a delicate, warm, vibrant, and highly engaging sound. But note: The same upper midrange/lower treble emphasis that makes the T2 Classic sound “vibrant” can sometimes—on certain high-energy transients—make this IEM sound slightly “spitty.”

Look further if:

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