Aesthetix launches superlative ‘Signature’ edition of the acclaimed Atlas hybrid power amplifier

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Aesthetix launches superlative  ‘Signature’ edition of the acclaimed Atlas hybrid power amplifier

The new Atlas Stereo Signature

The Atlas Stereo Signature uses the same circuits as the standard Atlas Stereo, but here the circuits are crafted using only the highest quality parts available. While the standard Atlas uses very high quality Rel-Caps as inter-stage coupling capacitors, the Signature upgrades these to Peter Moncrief's StealthCaps, costing more than 10 times as much and revolutionising the sound beyond expectations. In addition, high current output stage power supply capacitance is doubled, increasing bass drive and solidity. Binding-post wiring is upgraded to an audiophile 14 AWG which further increases resolution. A further critical refinement is the replacement of all emitter resistors with a specialised metal foil low-inductance type. 

The first difference you notice is the velvety black background silence. From there, an incredible transparency emerges, revealing a new richness of subtle musical information and spatial imaging. The next thing to hit you will be the clarity of focus and stunning coherence, where every part of the music comes together and all elements are articulately focused and united in every moment, with no time smear or blurring. This in turn gives a stunning dynamic impact: since all parts of every musical note are united at the same moment, they all add up to a higher transient peak, thus reproducing the recording's dynamics much more accurately.

It should go without saying that power and quality of this magnitude do not come cheap. Nor would you expect them to. However, if you compare the Atlas’ price tag with that of amplifiers of comparable output power and quality of build, then value-for-money must surely be added to its long list of desirable features.

The full Atlas range

Three editions of the Atlas are now available: the standard Atlas Stereo, the new Atlas Stereo Signature, and the existing Atlas Mono Signature (only available in the Signature version). The mono version dedicates the entire power supply to one channel, increasing space, drive and dimensionality. All are available with either a black or silver faceplate.

For existing Aesthetix customers, the standard Atlas Stereo can be factory upgraded to the Signature version.

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