Allnic Audio ZL-5000 power cord

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Allnic ZL-5000

ZL-5000 is possibly not the first choice for those looking to recapture their early years of punk or thrash metal. When something gets that spikey, nothing can really change it. Playing ‘Theme from Sparta FC’ by The Fall [Live at the Knitting Factory, Hip Priest] sounds like it was recorded in a garage with a broken tape recorder, and nothing will change that. But the ZL-5000 doesn’t get in the way of the raw energy, which is a good thing.

My only regret with the Allnic cables is there is at present no UK plug option, only EU/Schuko and US plugs. With the uncompromising stance put upon the plug by Allnic, I can’t imagine seeing a ZL-5000 with a Furutech plug any day soon – it kind of defeats the object of at least part of the exercise. If enough UK audio enthusiasts express an interest, that plug will happen; otherwise from a strictly legal perspective, you are going to have to use them with Schuko plugs with an adaptor, or conversion plug. Which defeats the object in a different way.

Fully half our readers fall into the other two territories however, and they don’t get the benefit of the ZL-5000 in its native form. The Allnic cables are the perfect answer to the power cord sceptic, as the difference in performance is marked, easy to spot and entirely positive in sound quality. Granted the willfully tin-eared will not hear a difference, but those who hear differences between amplifiers can hear similar grades of improvement brought about by the ZL-5000. It’s hard not to be impressed by their innate sense of rightness, making the sound of a good system really come to life, but without over-exaggerating anything. 


 Allnic ZL-5000 power cord: 
$2,000/1.8m (20A version $2,200)

Additional 0.5m is: $150

Power connections: 
Schuko/US male plugs only

Manufactured by: Allnic


Globally Distributed by: 
Hammertone Audio

Tel: +1 250 826 6872


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