AMG Viella 12 turntable and arm

AMG Viella 12
AMG Viella 12 turntable and arm

Yes, it may be German, but it is not that AMG. This one stands for Analog Manufaktur Germany and is the maker of an extremely nice all-aluminium turntable and arm called the V12 (technically the Viella 12). I guess that was irresistible given the whole AMG thing.

The turntable is an un-suspended oval shaped design, with a solid (11kg) machined platter, all built to a level of finish that is impossible to fault. Thus, that 25mm-thick platter is made out of aircraft-grade aluminium, the platter has a decoupled spindle, and the arm riser is is exceptionally solidly made. This is the kind of turntable that says all the right things about high-end – it’s built solidly and built to last. It is so solid, in fact, that there’s not much need for a suspension system; in the manner of a big Kuzma, the sort of shelving needed to hold the AMG in place is going to be solid enough not to be troubled by footfalls. To be honest, this isn’t much of an issue for me, as I tend to take the view that the suspension is there to isolate the motor from the playing surface, not to isolate the turntable from the rest of the planet. Not everyone agrees, though, and those who take the alternate view are likely never to even countenance the AMG V12. To each, his own.

When it comes to that motor on the AMG, it’s acoustically decoupled from the main platter by means of five rubber and metal mounts. The motor itself is a brushless 24V DC motor (AMG calls this a ‘Lorenzi’ motor, possibly with reference to the relevant differential equations developed by ‘the chaosfather’ Edward Lorenz in the early 1960s) with sintered bronze bearings. The integrated aluminium motor spindle looks all the world like a small piston from a car engine, the narrow belt fitting into the groove where a piston ring might normally sit. The turntable has three backlit touch buttons by the arm base for 33, 45 and 78 rpm, but there is no adjustment for variations in 78 rpm cutting speed. The nearest thing to prosaic is the external PSU, which is housed in a rectangular box. It’s nicely made and feels very solid, but is not as powerful a statement of intent as the rest of the deck. Taken as a statement piece atop a rack though, this is powerfully built stuff.

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