Analogue Works Turntable One turntable and Design/Build/Listen The Wand tonearm

Analogue Works Turntable One,
Design Build Listen The Wand

Finally, bring in the Gimp. I had a play around with the standard foam, silicone, neoprene, and cork/nitrile mats, and although there was much to like from all of them, I found myself returning to the balance of the standard foam; Or the cork, or maybe the neoprene. Truth is, you could almost be fine-tuning on a per record basis, but at between £10 and £15 each, you could also buy the lot and play.

That’s the thing about the Turntable One, especially with The Wand in place. It’s fun, unpretentious, fun, precise, fun, and fun. Like the Spacedeck and the Interspace, it doesn’t gloss over bad recordings and badly abused recordings, but it recalls your vinyl in a manner that will keep you listening long into the past, and not many turntables at the price can do that so effortlessly. Highly recommended.

Technical Specifications

Turntable One Turntable

Type: Belt-drive non-suspended turntable with low-torque motor.

Rotational Speeds: 33 1/3 RPM, 45 RPM.

Supported Tonearm Length(s): 9-inch arms supported.

Drive Mechanism: Belt driven via Promotec AC motor, via external PSU.

Speed Control: Belt position change.

Platter Type: 6802 aluminium alloy with rubber
damping rings

Platter Weight: 6.7kg.

Bearing Type: Phosphor Bronze Sleeve with Hardened and Polished Roller. Polished Silver Steel Shaft with Precision Ground Nipple.

Plinth Configuration: 4kg non-suspended birch ply plinth system.

Dimensions (HxWxD): 120 x 460 x 360mm

Weight: 12kg

Price: £799

Manufacturer: Analogue Works

Tel: +44(0)1536 762211


The Wand Tonearm

Type: Carbon-fibre unipivot phono pickup arm.

Tonearm Length: 240mm from stylus to pivot

Cartridge Mounting/Alignment: 12.7mm

Offset Angle: 23 degrees

Signal Cable Length: 0.9m Cardas

Weight: 500g

Price: £795

Manufacturer: Design Build Listen


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