Announcing the official launch of: AKu Audio | Advanced Loudspeaker Systems Engineering

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Announcing the official launch of: AKu Audio | Advanced Loudspeaker Systems Engineering

Coming from a family of three generations of engineers, we have coupled our technology background with our passion for sound & music to create modern, high-quality loudspeaker systems for various sectors and applications. 

We started our journey 16 years ago, designing and experimenting in novel and cost-effective hi-end loudspeakers, culminating in our current state-of-the-art loudspeakers’ portfolio. 

We have a clear vision and knowledge of the technologies to be developed, amalgamating resources and technologies from various sectors of science & engineering, serving our plan to realize a continuous stream of new and advanced products. 

Our products and solutions cover the needs of sound professionals, high-end enthusiasts as well as home theater aficionados. 

A lifelong dream and target of our team was to reach the point where our development and design surpass existing solutions in the global soundscape, without cutting corners. 

We welcome you to our journey towards your audio nirvana! 

AKu loudspeaker systems are a collection of statements. 

It is not easy to fit them in standardized categories, since their design and unique construction sets them apart, virtually creating a new category of their own. 

Our efforts focus on pioneering design approaches in order to tackle common issues in current loudspeaker manufacturing & application in tandem with aesthetically pleasing forms and finishes. 

Our ultimate goal is to provide the best in audio technologies and solutions for the discerning listener and sound professional, whatever their listening environment may be.

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