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D2 is also upgradable with the addition of the D-TC Powerbox, an active star-earthing that powers a dynamically charged electric material and a tesla coil mounted on the digital and analogue interconnects, and the speaker cables. You connect small conductors from box to cable, power up the Powerbox, and its effects can be heard almost instantaneously.

The overall appearance of D2 is one of understated elegance. The cables are comparatively thick, but not too inflexible, and the housings (containing the NSC technology or the D-TC tesla coils) are extremely well-made, but not too ostentatious. If you want to show off to the world just how much you spent on cables, there are shinier bits of bling to be had, but if your demeanour is more refined and muted, the silver, grey, and black of the D2 cables drips urbane and minimalist panache. 

The sound, too, is elegant, but not as understated as the look. Starting with the Mainz power cord, the sense of tying the musical whole together was immediately clear, starting from the midrange out. The more D2 power you added, the more the frequency extremes were covered. 

The refinement really begins to kick in with the addition of Signalz or Digitalz interconnects, giving the sound a liquidity and richness like melted chocolate, but without the sugar rush. By now, you are enthralled and entranced by the way your system is sounding more like it was always supposed to, with plenty of body and vibrancy, especially in the bass. 
Now factor in the Speakz loudspeaker cables and the complete Ansuz cable system just makes sense of both the music and the system. It’s like you bought a better system and installed it more accurately than ever before. What’s so outstanding about this is there’s no need to dole out specific musical examples, because everything you play is its own musical example. Music sounds rich, yet not over-ripe, detailed, yet not etched or too far forward, dynamic, yet not exuberant, adding just the right amount of musical pizzazz without being too unctuous, and then there’s that rich, deep, muscular, and organic bass that underpins everything, staying on the stentorian side of ‘monolithic’.

Adding in the D-TC Powerbox is the icing on the cake, giving even more of that musical focus, even quieter backgrounds, more space, and more precision to the sound. It’s as if you just tightened the tolerances on all the parts in the system once more. The great news is D2 sounds good without the box, but adding the Powerbox just pushes it even further uphill.

It’s hard to resist comparing Ansuz to Nordost, especially given Michael Børresen and Lars Kristensen’s former employer. However, given the split wasn’t so much ‘acrimonious’, more ‘binge watching Game of Thrones, with less nudity and fewer dragons’, I think it is possibly raking over old coals. Ansuz D2 stands on its own at that top table shared by a select few and it has earned that place through its own performance, not open warfare. The company has made a product with a sound quality that stands proudly and equally among the very best of the best – even including the mighty Crystal Absolute Dream and Nordost Odin 2. 

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