Antelope Zodiac Gold DAC/Preamp (Playback 53)

Solid-state preamplifiers,
Digital-to-analog converters
Antelope Audio Gold DAC/Preamp




•The Zodiac Gold DAC can process up to 24-bit, 384kHz digital audio files, which should allow a good measure of future proofing.
•Antelope says very little about the DAC circuitry itself, other than that there is no upsampling involved.

Clock/De-Jittered Digital Outputs:

•Incorporates the firm’s signature “Antelope Oven Controlled Clock”, where Antelope says, “the clock is housed in a shielded container where the temperature is kept constant, therefore bringing significant benefits to the detail, dynamics and stereo placement of the audio.” The Antelope web site shows an illustration that demonstrates how holding the clock at a constant temperature can reduce timing errors from 10 parts per million (ppm) down to about 0.1 ppm—a readily audible improvement.
•Leveraging the benefits of the Oven Clock, the Zodiac Gold provides two de-jittered/re-clocked digital audio outputs. An Antelope spokesperson told Playback that the de-jittered digital outputs are among the most popular (and most highly prized) features of the Zodiac+ and Zodiac Gold models.

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