Anthony Gallo’s Classico-Series Speakers Are Ready for Prime Time

Gallo Acoustics Classico-series
Anthony Gallo’s Classico-Series Speakers Are Ready for Prime Time

At CES 2012 I took the opportunity to listen to the final production versions of Anthony Gallo’s Classico-series speakers, and my first though upon hearing them was that they appear to have fulfilled all the sonic promise I heard from the pre-production prototypes I first sampled about a year ago. This is a bigger deal than you might think, given that it is all too easy for certain amounts of sonic goodness to get lost in translation between the prototype and production stage; happily, that didn’t happen here.

The Classico models represent Gallo’s attempt to build speakers that are at least somewhat more conventionally styled than many of his past models—models that have a certain high tech/”space age” design flare that many find very attractive, but that doesn’t fit all tastes or household design schemes. The thought (hope, really) is that the Classicos will appeal where previous Gallo models have not.

But, if the look of the Classicos is “conventional”, their sound (and underlying technology) certainly is not. I’ll be reviewing the Classico system soon for both The Absolute Sound and for Playback/The Perfect Vision, so I don’t want to give too much away here, but suffice it to say that these comparatively compact speakers produces a bigger, deeper, more focused and more spacious sound than you might ever expect—judging purely by first (visual) impressions. Stay tuned for more.

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