Apple Earnings Skyrocket; iPod Flattens

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Apple Earnings Skyrocket; iPod Flattens

Apple Inc. reported its fiscal first quarter financial results yesterday, showing a 50% rise year-over-year in earnings over the previous year and a 32% increase in revenues (after adjustment for a major accounting change). iPod sales were down, excluding the iPod Touch. With the iPod Touch included, iPod sales were essentially flat, year-over-year, rising 1%. In total about 23 million iPods were sold.

Part of the reason may have been the growing and now large sales of the iPhone. iPhone sales were up more than 100% year over year, with nearly 9 million units shipped in Q1 2010. MacIntosh sales grew by 33%.

Can the winning streak continue? Apple's long awaited Tablet should be announced on Wednesday.

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