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Art and AcousticsArt and Acoustics

At best most acoustic treatments are boring. At worst they’re downright ugly. Art and Acoustics is one man’s attempt to remedy this situation. Sharing a room with ModWright Instruments Inc. at the Venetian Tower 30-227 artist Stephen Yates displayed his solution to the dilemma of how to incorporate acoustic treatment into a living space in an aesthetically pleasing way. He’s an abstract painter whose original works are primarily large scale paintings, some as large as 10 feet wide and six feet high.

One of the two acoustic treatments he displayed at CES was a large four-part panel created from one of his paintings. It was transferred from the original painting via dye sublimation printing onto Guilford of Maine’s acoustically engineered 100% recycled polyester fabric. A second layer of 100% recycled polyester fabric is placed behind the printed layer.

Inside the panels Art and Acoustics uses Knauf EcoBatt glasswool insulation. This material has been certified for indoor air quality by Greenguard Environmental Institute, a global non-profit organization that tests building materials for toxicity. With a noise reduction coefficient of 1.00+, the panels attenuate sound from 125 Hz to 4000 Hz with maximum effect from 500 to 4000 Hz.

Priced at around $100 per square foot, a typically sized 32” by 52” panel would cost approximately $1150 (yes I know the math isn’t exact, but that was the quote I received at the show for the displayed sample.)

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