Artison Masterpiece Home Theater System



At the heart of this system are Artison’s ingenious Masterpiece LCR speakers, which come with a special bracket and hardware kit that allow you to position them flush against the sides of your TV. The company also offers grilles that are size- and color-matched to fit most popular sizes of flat panel sets.

The Masterpiece LCRs ship in matched, mirror image pairs that cover the left, center, and right channels. To pull this off each speaker has two sets of forward-firing drivers, each consisting of a tweeter and mid-bass driver. One set handles the left or right channel (depending on the speaker), while the other carries half of the center channel workload. The center channel drivers in each LCR are angled inwards to create a focused center image, while the main channel drivers are angled outwards to help create a front soundstage much wider than the TV screen. The Masterpieces also incorporate rear-firing tweeters, which add ambience and greater perceived depth.

For the rear surround channels, Artison offers its innovative LRS Surround satellites, available either in freestanding/on-wall or in-wall versions. Each LRS sports two tweeters and a mid-bass driver in a hybrid monopole/dipole configuration, which provides precise spatial cues from the midrange on down, but becomes more diffuse at higher frequencies to make surround effects sound smoother and more enveloping. Completing the system is Artison’s two-piece “reactance canceling” RCC 600-FS floorstanding subwoofer system, which consists of a four-woofer bass module (an in-wall version is also available), plus a remote-controlled 600-watt amplifier. Christie’s unique woofer enclosure places two pairs of racetrack-shaped woofers in opposition to one another, so that their mechanical vibration forces cancel out. The amplifier module provides extensive controls for phase, crossover frequency and slope, and equalization settings, along with an Auto EQ system with calibration mic that tests and adjusts the sub’s in-room frequency response. The sub provides a Music mode, which extends the bass as deeply as possible with maximum accuracy, and a Movie mode, which doesn’t go as deep but provides more headroom for large-scale low-frequency sound effects.

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