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Arya Audio RevOpod

The RevOpods come supplied in a set of four with a range of screw-threads to fit into the spike holes of most loudspeakers. However, they also come with silicone discs (originally silicone rings, but the discs are better… and retrofittable) which make the RevOpod ideal for sitting under components too.

The RevOpods work. They really work. Irrespective of the component they are holding up, the RevOpods give the soundstage extra depth and definition. Voices have greater diction, are more resonant and more like the real thing. The individual instrument sections in an orchestra are more clearly defined and delineated, making the intentions of the composer and conductor – and the precision of the orchestra – shine through. Kick drums get deeper and ‘kickier’. In fact, it’s something of a clean sweep here, with detail, dynamics, rhythm, and more all improved. I suspect these improvements are more geared toward fine-tuning to extract the last scintilla of performance out of higher-end equipment than transforming middle-market audiophile equipment (because it can highlight minor unbalances in a system), but using the RevOpods with careful product selection at all price points can produce musical wonders.

 There’s a downside to the RevOpod. I find myself typing ‘Rev-O-Pod’, ‘RevOPod’, and ‘RevoPod’ and each of the four ways of typing this suggests its own pronunciation. Spellcheckers don’t work here, either. Oh, and they are addictive… start with a set of four for a source component, and pretty soon you’ll have a quartet of the things supporting everything in your system. I didn’t have the pods to double up (putting one set under each component on a stand and one set under the legs of the stand itself) so I can’t speak to its cumulative benefits, but I suspect anyone who tries the RevOpod… well, that’s just a matter of time. 

I can’t wait to see what the cables can do. 


Diameter: 40mm 

Min height: 32.0mm 

Max height: 37.0mm 

Height adjustability: 5mm (in 50µm steps, 100 steps total)

Weight limit: 120kg per set of 4 

Included: RevOpod dampers, silicone rings for mounting, thread adapters for M6, M8 and ¼-20 (other sizes available upon request)

Versions: Chrome, Chrome + anodised Gold, All Black, Black + 24k gold

Weight: around 150g per damper (600g per set of 4) 

Manufacturer: Arya Audio Labs


Tel: +44(0)7400 188317

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