Atoll IN200 integrated amplifier

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Atoll IN200

Small Faces recordings are considerably less refined. In fact, they’re at the other end of the scale, but they have an energy and inventiveness that makes them essential listening. The Atoll reflects both the crudeness of their creation and the genius behind the likes of The Autumn Stone [Immediate], their unfinished swansong album. It’s a dense arrangement of competing instruments that this amplifier has no difficulty presenting in a coherent and inviting fashion. It’s a good sign when you put on something new and a little bit different, and the system lets you hear what the musicians were aiming for. The Atoll’s low noise and subtle character combine to do this very effectively.

Having reviewed two Atoll products in recent times, I have been impressed with their no-nonsense build quality and overall sound quality. There aren’t many brands that manufacture in Europe and are able to offer this sort of value, but it’s the sort of thing you have to do in order to compete in the world market today. The IN200 is an understated and revealing amplifier, and with its combination of finesse and power on offer, the competition had better get busy.

Technical Specifications

Atoll IN200 integrated amplifier

inputs: 5x single-ended stereo RCA

Power Output: 120 watts/channel (8Ω), 200 watts/channel (4Ω)

Frequency Response: 5Hz-100kHz

S/N ratio: 100 dB

THD+N: 0.05% @ 1kHz

Input impedance: 220Ω

Power supply: 660 VA

Total capacity: 62,000µF

Sensitivity: 100 mV

Rise time: 2.5µs

Dimensions (WxHxD): 440x90x280mm

Weight: 13kg

Finishes: Black or silver

Price: £1,495

Manufacturer: Atoll Electronique




Tel: +44(0)208 4297504

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