Audeze LCD-MX4 planar magnetic headphone

Audeze LCD-MX4

Finally, the LCD-MX4 proved unexpectedly easy to drive. The headphone is sufficiently revealing to be sensitive to amplifier quality, but can be driven by relatively low-powered amplifiers, such as the little iFi Nano iDSD amp/DAC. This is what sets the LCD-MX4 apart from the LCD-4, which can be finicky about amplification and seems to give of its best when pushed with a generous amount of power. 

Audeze’s LCD-MX4 is a different and very satisfying kind of high-end headphone. It offers much of the resolution and finesse of the firm’s top LCD-4, but in a lighter and more comfortable package that is—to a ‘just right’ degree—more tolerant of source and amplification components, as well as of less-than-perfect recordings. Well done! 


Type: Open-back, circumaural, planar magnetic headphones

Driver complement: Full-range planar magnetic drivers with 106mm thin-film diaphragms and Double Fluxorpremium-grade Neodymium magnets delivering 1.5 Tesla of magnetic flux

Frequency Response: 5 Hz–20kHz, with useable frequency extension to 50kHz

Sensitivity: 105 dB

Impedance: 20 Ohms

Weight: Not specified, but said to be “significantly lighter than the LCD‑4 model”

Warranty: Not specified.

Price: £2,799, or $2,995 USD

Manufactured by: Audeze Incorporated


Distributed by: Exertis Unlimited


Tel: +44(0)1279 822 800

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