Audio Cabinet Tamara 3 equipment support

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Audio Cabinet Tamara 3
Audio Cabinet Tamara 3 equipment support

There’s a school of thought that suggests the equipment table itself has no influence over the sound of an audio system, and another that proclaims no system can be considered truly ‘sorted’ until its support is taken into account.  Audio Cabinet offers a middle way.

The brand appeared on the UK audio scene at 2013’s Whittlebury Hall show. The company makes a bespoke and innovative equipment storage solution that is equally comfortable with hi-fi and home cinema systems.

The extremely clever part of the Audio Cabinet system is it contains the audio electronics ‘block’ into a pull-out rack called ‘Eazyturn’, which takes both cable and (more importantly) heat management into account. The rack sits on high-grade runners that mean you could hold up to 50kg per pull-out, rack. Then, the base of this pull-out rack incorporates a turntable (think ‘Lazy Susan’ rather than ‘Rega’), so the devices can be placed and wired up with ease and precision.

The racks themselves are 19” as standard, but don’t take front panel ‘ears’ into account (for example, amplifiers that have a larger front panel to give them a ‘pro audio’ look, such as Burmester and Audio Research). However, the bespoke nature of the Audio Cabinet concept implies a ‘no problem’ approach. If you wanted scalloped sides of the pull-out rack, to accommodate ‘ears’, that’s no problem; if you wanted a wider rack (within limits), that’s no problem either. Two pull-out racks… guess what? It can be done. There’s even an optional Russ Andrews four-gang power block, which can be screwed to the top of the pull-out rack.

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