Audio Origami PU7 and Uniarm tonearms

Audio Origami PU7,
Audio Origami Uniarm
Audio Origami PU7 and Uniarm tonearms

What the Uniarm does so effectively is allow the listener to perceive a piece’s gestalt while also presenting all the individual components without any suggestion of deconstructing it. This is closer to how you experience live music, being aware not only of the parts and their respective contributions, but most importantly, perceiving the music as a whole. Some systems throw detail in your face, but without enough precision (and context) to enable the listener to make sense of it all. This can be exciting (in the same way that plummeting down a snowy hillside on a tea tray would be exciting), but ultimately unsatisfying and fatiguing. The Uniarm’s remarkable resolving powers, coupled to its stability and timing precision, allows music to unfold naturally in front of the listener, and any drama is all in the performance, not the presentation. It’s been a while since I listened to a vinyl system which had me looking forward to getting home from work so I could play some music, and my music collection has also expanded in hitherto unexplored directions.

All of which makes the Uniarm’s £1,500 asking price look like a bargain. For me, it is the arm I’d take from this pairing, but there is also something very special about the PU7 which the Uniarm, for all its capabilities, doesn’t negate. The PU7 is a very grown up arm, it brings confidence, gravitas, and insight, yet isn’t afraid to get down and boogie with the best of them. It also offers more options in terms of configuration – length, effective mass, which may suit some cartridges better. The Uniarm is keen to make its mark. Like the PU7, it doesn’t draw attention to itself, preferring to let the music do the talking. And boy, does it communicate. Which of these two arms you ultimately prefer may well depend on what you are partnering it with, and what sort of music and presentation you are looking for. There are no winners or losers here, just two limbs of a very convincing argument.

Technical Specifications

Audio Origami PU7

Type: gimbal bearing phono pickup arm

Tonearm length: 239.3mm (Rega geometry, mount distance 222mm), 228.6mm (Linn geometry, mount distance 210.4mm)

Effective tonearm mass: 11g standard, configurable up to 20g

Offset angle: 23 degrees (Rega), 24.1 degrees (Linn)

Weight: (typical customer configuration) approximately 900g

Signal cable length: variable (typical 1.2m)

Price: £1,999 (standard specification); extra finishes and lengths at additional cost, by arrangement. As tested (9” length, black finish) £2,460

Audio Origami Uniarm

Type: unipivot, sapphire bearing pickup arm

Tonearm length: 239.3mm (Rega geometry, mount distance 222mm), 228.6mm (Linn geometry, mount distance 210.4mm)

Effective tonearm mass: 11g

Offset angle: 23 degrees (Rega), 24.1 degrees (Linn)

Weight: approximately 650g

Signal cable length:variable (typical 1.2m)

Price: £1,499 (standard specification); extra finishes at additional cost

Manufacturer: Audio Origami

Tel: +44 (0)7581 184189


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