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If there is a comment – and I use the word advisedly – it’s that sparkly brilliance it brings to music is possibly not the last word in absolute neutrality. It’s not as rich and as exciting as you might expect, but it is making a sound that is better than the original. Many of us would happily put up with such a compromise, especially as it doesn’t seem to favour one genre over another. It just sounds good with music, whether that music is classical or driving rock.

We’re at something of a new dawn for Audio Research and Sonus faber. Both the Foundation series from the former and the Homage Tradition line from the latter are now both well-established and demonstrably meld together brilliantly and shows great promise for future combinations. This is a fun sounding system, too. It’s not just cerebral or visceral, it’s entertaining, and that’s one of the great missing components from some of the more straight-laced audiophile brands and systems. Neither stuffy or fluffy, the combination of Audio Research, Sonus faber, and Transparent Audio pull together in perfect harmony here – both figuratively and literally. 

Prices and contact details

Audio Electronics

Audio Research CD6 
CD Player: £8,499

Audio Research LS28 
preamplifier: £7,498

Audio Research VT80SE 
power amplifier: £8,998

Manufactured by: Audio Research



Sonus faber Serafino Homage Tradition floorstanding loudspeakers: £17,998

Manufactured by: Sonus faber



Transparent Cable Balanced Reference Interconnect cable: from £6,385 for 1m pair to connect between CD player and preamplifier

Transparent Cable Balanced Reference Interconnect cable: £8,345 for 25’ pair to connect between preamplifier and power amplifier

Transparent Cable Reference loudspeaker cable: from £8,885 for 8’ pair

Transparent Cable Reference
power cord: from £1,255 for 1m pair

Manufactured by: Transparent Cable


Total system price (as tested): £70,373

Distributed in the UK by: Absolute Sounds


Tel: +44(0)208 971 3909

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