Audiomica Europa Ultra Reference and Genimides Ultra Reference

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Audiomica Europa Ultra Reference,
Audiomica Genimides Ultra Reference
Audiomica Europa Ultra Reference and Genimides Ultra Reference

If we’re honest, when we describe a cable as ‘very good’ or even ‘excellent’, all we’re really saying is that it spoils the performance of the system less than the alternatives. Whether you agree or disagree with that premise, occasionally you may get to hear a product, whether a cable or anything else, which recalibrates your expectations. The Europa and Genimides Ultra Reference products from Audiomica form a part of that recalibration process.

Recalibration on this scale is comparatively rare now; most products are at least ‘competent’ these days, sometimes even ‘decent’. OK, so ‘good’ tends to cost a bit, and ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’ are seldom less than expensive. So hearing a pair of products that redefine what you thought was possible, and which don’t require the sale of a kidney, or indenturing your first-born child into slavery, especially in a sector of audio where ‘expensive’ can mean ‘staggeringly expensive’, is something to savour.

Even those of us who believe that cables form a fundamental component of a well thought out system can balk and blanch at the ultra-high-end pricing of some übercables. So, it is refreshing to come across a cable brand that can put a marker down on the outer edges of the performance envelope, at a price attainable by an audiophile, rather than an oligarch. Audiomica Laboratories is barely known outside its native Poland and has only comparatively recently begun making inroads into export markets. No doubt its location plays a part in the cost equation, but whatever the reason, it is high time the brand crossed more people’s radar screens.

The Audiomica range is extensive and the prices are, by and large, at the sensible-to-aspirational end of the market. The Europa and Genimides Ultra Reference cables use pure silver conductors, FEP dielectric material, and the designs show great attention to detail in the application of screening and connectors. If you’re not a fan of pure silver cables, stay with me because I wasn’t either, before I tried these cables in my system. Audiomica appears to eschew directional markings so, having had a quick listen both ways round, I picked one, marked the upstream ends for consistency, then stuck with it for the duration of the review.

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