AudioQuest JitterBug

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AudioQuest JitterBug
AudioQuest JitterBug

In a way, though, I’m not going to dwell on the sound quality too much, because the AudioQuest JitterBug is £39. Or $49. Or €49. Or 17.8 trillion drachmas in a few weeks. That’s cheap enough for me to shut up and you to ‘give it a punt’. There are undoubtedly things out there that do a more thorough job than this for more money, but this is $50, not $150, or $500, or even $5,000. If you buy it, try it and don’t think it makes a difference, even if you lose half your investment selling it on eBay, you are not going to be significantly out of pocket. And it’s more likely that you’ll try one, be impressed, and buy some more instead. None of these things are likely to happen with more upmarket devices; you will be more cautious in buying multiples, and less inclined to ‘take a punt’ on a device costing more than a couple of rounds of drinks.

Go on, try it!

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