Audiovector R3 Signature floorstanding loudspeakers

Audiovector R3 Signature

Oh, and R3 Signature goes loud, too. One of the concerns with modern audiophile loudspeakers is they are designed for a musical aesthetic that doesn’t allow a ‘wig out’ factor. There are great exceptions – including PMC, Focal and Wilson Audio – that allow the listener to have that genteel refinement at all levels, but also allows that time when only AC/DC or ZZ Top is good enough. That time when you just want to play some music loud and enjoy it. The Audiovector R3 Signature are not troubled by the volume control. So long as you are not trying to overdrive an underpowered amplifier into clipping – which is something of a death sentence for all loudspeakers – the R3 Signature will fill a medium sized room with graunching guitars, big, powerful drums, and hyped up vocals. You aren’t in the room with them... but you are in the same arena.

Audiovector’s R3 Signature is a loudspeaker with staying power, even if you decide not to take the upgrade path. If you do, it’s a stepping-stone to audio greatness, but given the R3 Signature is pretty damn great to begin with, this speaker might just be all you ever need. 


Type: Two and a half way, floor-radiating reflex floorstanding loudspeaker

Drive units: 1× Audivector-produced soft dome tweeter with acoustic lens, 2× 165mm Audiovector carbon-fibre mid-woofers

Frequency Response: 26Hz–52kHz (-6dB)

Sensitivity: 91dB

Nominal impedance: 8Ω

Crossover point: 230Hz, 3.1kHz

Dimensions (W×H×D): 23 × 103.4 × 36cm

Price: £4,299 per pair

Manufacturer: Audiovector


Tel: +45 3539 6060 

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