AURALiC VEGA G2 streaming DAC with LEO GX clock

Digital-to-analog converters,
Music servers and computer audio,
USB interfaces, clocks, and soundcards

This tangibility is partly achieved because backgrounds are so dark, which provides very strong contrast for the instruments and voices. This effect was no less palpable when I switched to Bowers & Wilkins 702 floorstanders; these have more ‘meaty’ bass than the PMCs and home in on the visceral qualities of the material really well as a result. They too reveal the sense that sound pops into the room and creates a strong image with lots of detail. I love the depth and scale it finds in ‘Keep On’, a recording that revels in this degree of transparency thanks no doubt to its analogue roots.

We’ve already covered the AURALiC ARIES G2 at length, but it’s great to have a second opinion confirm the first. Adding the LEO GX, however, puts ARIES G2 in another league, in particular when it comes to imaging. It creates a sense of presence that is very rare with reproduced audio of any kind which, coming as it does from a self-confessed, fully paid up member of the analogue nut club, is high praise indeed. 



Type: Solid-state network streamer, DAC, digital preamplifier

Analogue Inputs: One (via RCA jacks)

Digital Inputs: One coaxial S/PDIF (via RCA jack), one TOSLink, one AES/EBU, one USB B, Lighning Link, RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet
DAC Resolution/ PCM from 44.1kHz to 384kHz in 32Bit, DSD64, DSD128, DSD256, DSD512

Supported Digital Formats: AAC, AIFF, ALAC, APE, DFF, DSF, FLAC, MP3, OGG, WAV, WV and WMA

Music services/Wi-Fi inputs: Tidal, Qobuz

Analogue Outputs: One stereo balanced (via XLR connectors), one stereo unbalanced (via RCA jacks)

Digital Outputs: None

Frequency Response: Not specified

Distortion (THD + Noise): < 0.00015%, balanced < 0.00012%

User Interface: 5inch display (on main unit), Lightning DS application software for iOS

Dimensions (H×W×D): 84 ×338 ×300mm

Weight: 7.8kg

Price: £5,499


Type: Temperature-controlled Rubidium atomic clock

Supported sample rates: 
PCM: 44.1KHz to 384KHz in 32Bit
DSD:DSD64(2.8224MHz), DSD128(5.6448MHz), DSD256(11.2896MHz)

Frequency: 90.3168MHz (44.1KHz) |98.3040MHz (48KHz)

Output Level: 3.3V CMOS (Direct-to-DAC Design)

Oscillator: Temperature-controlled SC cut crystal

Dimensions (H×W×D): 84 ×338 ×300mm

Weight: 8.1kg

Price: £7,499

Manufacturer: AURALiC LIMITED

Tel: +1-(302)-314-5555


Distributor: AURALiC Europe

Tel: +44(0) 7590 106105


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