Australe EZ - The latest offering from Triangle

Triangle Australe EZ
Australe EZ - The latest offering from Triangle

Discover Australe EZ, the new reference of the Esprit range. Using the identity of the Esprit EZ range, Australe EZ radiates its own unique character.

A great leap forward, Australe EZ boasts unmatched technological innovations that redefine the performance of the range and delivers a unique 'live' feel.


With Australe EZ, TRIANGLE integrates the new DPS “Dynamic Pulse System” technology, reserved until now to speakers of the Magellan range.

This technology is based on the addition of a second tweeter at the rear of the speaker, expressing the most high frequencies without interfering with the signal emitted from the front of the speaker.

DPS technology improves the imaging and reduces directivity by providing an almost holographic restitution of the soundstage. The spot of the listener in relation to the speaker is therefore less critical. He can thus fully enjoy an unforgettable musical experience, and this anywhere in the room.

New generation of bass drivers

For more than two years, a new generation of drivers has been developed to improve the performance of the loudspeaker in low frequencies.

The membrane uses a new composite material, made of wood pulp and carbon fibre, which has the property of guaranteeing high rigidity and low mass for fast and powerful bass.

A motor made of an oversized ferrite and voice coil feeds the membrane, allowing it to go down to 29Hz. Australe EZ restores an intense bass that provides a real physical impact of low frequencies. 


The cabinet has been entirely reworked. Laser measurements were previously made on the enclosure to add a new system of internal reinforcements. This results in a perfectly rigid enclosure which eliminates all unwanted vibrations. 

The new DVAS "Driver Vibration Absorption System" technology has been specially developed by TRIANGLE to mechanically decouple the woofers. A new reinforcement system of the cabinet ultimately dampens all vibrations.

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