Axiom Audio Launches New Method of Customization

Axiom Audio Launches New Method of Customization

(Editorial note: Earlier this month the AVguide news desk received word from the Canadian speaker manufacturer Axiom that the firm was launching a new “Customize Yours” service that offers buyers unprecedented customization options. As you’ll see in a moment, this means customers can not only specify woods and finish treatments to be used on their speakers, but can even go so far as to have Axiom custom match specific user-supplied wood or furniture finish samples. Below, we provide the text of the Axiom press release, along with an image that hints at some of the options available.)

Axiom Audio Launches New Method of Customization

Ontario, Canada (Aug 3, 2010) — Axiom Audio, long known as a leader in sound quality research, is now becoming known as the world’s most customized loudspeaker shop. The company announced today it is introducing “Customize Yours” service, taking customization of your home theater sound system to a truly personal level.

Express your own style by choosing from hundreds of different options and add your personal flair to the award-winning speakers. Customers create their own unique set of speakers from literally hundreds of possible combinations to match style and even wood finish to meet any need, room or situation.

If you can’t find just the right stain or finish in their online collection, you can send in a sample of the wood for which you’re looking and their studio will custom-match it. They can match virtually any finish, from your antique cabinet to the wainscoting in the family room.

All their speakers are constructed individually at their North American factory and their craftsmen make your speakers to order. You literally build your dream speakers from the ground up. Begin by selecting the type and texture of the cabinet, and then customize further with stains and finishes. There’s a speaker solution to fit every need, from floorstanding speakers and bookshelf speakers to outdoor speakers and computer speakers.

The site also provides a home theater wizard that can produce recommendations based on your needs. If you have a floor plan, you can even email or fax it to them. One of their audio/video experts will work with you on the selection and placement of your speakers, as well as answer any questions you might have.

Ian Colquhoun, Founder and President of Axiom Audio, created the company sparking a new period of progress in the annals of loudspeaker design with his work at the National Research Council lab in Ottawa, Canada. There he spent innumerable hours perfecting innovation after innovation.

The site maintains a forum where you can go to ask questions, offer advice or have technical issues addressed. If you’re interested in the latest information about any aspect of speakers, you’ll find it there. The experts at Axiom Audio are available seven days a week to help you with your speaker questions and concerns.

Axiom Audio, a leading sound research company since 1980, brings Customize Yours personalization to create an experience that is uniquely you. By emphasizing the practical application of their ongoing research, Axiom continues to extend peoples’ expectations of performance and value.


At Axiom, we have one passion: scientifically proven superior loudspeaker design based on careful lab measurements and proven double-blind listening tests conducted in the Axiom listening room with a variety of listeners who do not know the price, brand, or model of the speakers they are comparing. This results in speakers of extraordinary musical transparency and realism. For more information, visit online at or contact us by phone at 1-866-244-8796.

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