AXPONA, Coronavirus, and you…

AXPONA, Coronavirus, and you…

Following last week’s announcement that the Munich High End show has been cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak, we regret to announce that AXPONA Audio Expo North American has been postponed. The show – originally intended to run from April 17-19 – has been pushed back to August 7-9, 2020. The venue – the Reniassance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel, in Schaumberg, IL – remains unchanged.

The decision was made in the wake of “an outpouring of feedback from the AXPONA community”, which expressed concerns about the viability of public events in April, and a desire to reschedule the event later this year, rather than cancel it altogether. Given the fluid nature of the present coronavirus situation world-wide, we think this a wise decision, and the move to postpone to early August (when, if this novel coronavirus runs similar to other coronaviruses like the common cold and influenza, it will be at a minimum) should limit the lack of exposure for smaller audio companies.

Our advice on coronavirus remains consistent with that of the UK government here: wash your hands regularly and thoroughly for 20 seconds in soap and water; avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands; trap coughs and sneezes in disposable tissues that are then disposed of regularly and carefully (if you don’t have a tissue to hand, use the crook of your arm); avoid close contact with those who are unwell, and if you are unwell self-isolate and contact whichever coronavirus hotline has been put in place in your area (in the UK, dial ’111’). Symptoms include fever and tiredness, cough, headache, muscle aches and pains, and later shortness of breath and/or breathing difficulties. 

Many experts also recommend avoiding direct contact like handshaking for the next few weeks, as a first step in what is known as ‘social distancing’, but there is no need to go the full Howard Hughes just yet. There will also likely be additional information coming soon specifically for the elderly and those with underlying conditions that might make them more vulnerable to COVID-19’s more serious symptoms. We would also recommend avoiding direct contact with hype and false information about coronavirus.

In short, AXPONA’s postponement might be just the first of several minor changes to your lifestyle over the next few months.

Keep Calm & Carry On!

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