Baker’s Dozen – Loudspeakers at the Munich High End 2015

13 of the most wild, wonderful, expensive, and occasionally sensible loudspeakers from Munich

Show report

Focal’s new Sopra range currently spans just two reflex models, the distinctively-named No.1 standmount, and No.2 floorstander. These models are designed to sit between the Electra and Utopia lines; the No. 1 costing €8,000 per pair and the large model costing €12,000 per pair. Using redesigned versions of Focal’s inverted beryllium tweeter and W-sandwich cones, the Sopras feature a new cabinet structure, and a spate of TLAs (three letter acronyms).

Graham Audio may be one of the smallest audio companies around, but that hasn’t stopped it from developing more and more ‘BBC Heritage’ loudspeaker products. The new LS5/8 is an imposing standmount, all but dwarfing the company’s next project – the LS3/5a. Also on show, was a an upcoming System 3D domestic version of its opera-house passive loudspeaker. Prices all TBA.

Harbeth’s continued drive to make audio sensible again shows no signs of abating, thanks to the launch of its new M40.2 large standmount monitor. Priced at £12,000 per pair in Cherry (the price in Euros having been long forgotten by the team), this replacement to the popular Monitor 40.1 three-way. The new M40.2 features a redesigned crossover to increase sensitivity, power handling and creating a ‘more open and transparent sound’ – which sounds dangerously audiophile-like language from the UK brand. The speakers were on show, but sadly not on demonstration.

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