Baker’s Dozen – Loudspeakers at the Munich High End 2015

13 of the most wild, wonderful, expensive, and occasionally sensible loudspeakers from Munich

Show report

Magico recently announced its S7 tower loudspeaker, the current top of the company’s S-series. This $58,000 borrows heavily from the M-Project, using the same 152mm carbon nanotube/nanographene midrange and a variation on the theme of the 25.4mm beryllium coated diamond tweeter. A trio of 250mm aluminium coned bass units complete the deal on this 136kg aluminium super-speaker. 

Marten’s latest Coltrane 3 floorstanding loudspeaker pulls a lot of inspiration from the company’s new Coltrane Supreme 2 flagship, including the new Accuton CELL drive units, identical acoustic centres for the drive units and ultra rigid front baffle, yet retains the Coltrane’s relatively low profile appearance. The €97,000 per pair Coltrane Supreme 2 sounded very good indeed, played through €100,000 worth of Jorma Design cables and MSB’s new €100,000 Select digital converter.

Paradigm’s Concept 4F loudspeaker is a genuinely ambitious project (conducted with partner electronics brand Anthem) sporting a 25mm beryllium tweeter, a 178mm beryllium midrange driver and two front and two rear-driving 216mm woofers in a vibration-reduction layout. The key word is ‘Concept’, as in ‘concept car’, but it shows just what 33 years of R&D can deliver.

Raidho’s D-5 loudspeaker is the stuff of legend, as it uses no less than six of the company’s punishingly expensive diamond drive units and the famous ribbon tweeter per side. Capable of playing loud and low, I missed hearing this €176,000 tower speaker at its launch last year, and I realised I missed a trick!

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