Baker’s Dozen – Loudspeakers at the Munich High End 2015

13 of the most wild, wonderful, expensive, and occasionally sensible loudspeakers from Munich

Show report

Anything made in Switzerland is usually a little bit ‘spendy’, but this system featuring the absolute pinnacle of the Swiss Audio Alps and culminating in the world premier of the four-tower Stenheim Reference Statement speakers really takes the Toblerone. Stenheim’s contribution weighed 1,000kg, had a 10,000W amp to drive the bass towers, can go from 10-100,000Hz, and the complete system cost a cool €1,000,000!

Tannoy, now part of the Music Group, launched a new range at CES in January, so the number of ‘new’ products was strictly limited. The company was keen to show off its forthcoming replacement supertweeter, however, which fits the company’s ace cool retro chic. Captain Nemo’s supertweeter will be available toward the end of the year, price to be confirmed.

And finally...

Realhorns are a real company, making real horn loudspeakers, for real people in Germany. They are popular among those who like to hold impromptu gigs in their garden, so long as their garden is the size of a small town. Price is very much on application.

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