Beats Pro Headphones by Dr. Dre from Monster (Playback 39)

Monster Beats Pro Headphones by Dr. Dre
Beats Pro Headphones by Dr. Dre from Monster (Playback 39)

The Beats Pros then are not some casual effort. But with so many goals on the agenda, do they succeed or are they simply a muddle of competing ideas?


The Beats Pros have a folding design, which allows you to swing the earcups up inside the headband. This reduces the total footprint on the headphone, although with large earcups as seen on the Beats Pro you still have a relatively thick package. Add to that the fact that these are truly full-size headphones with beefy aluminum earcups and a solid headband and you have headphones that are mobile but not particularly compact.

The other aspect of mobility for some is the ability to drive the headphone straight from a portable device. On that score I can say that the Beats Pros succeed completely. I used the iPhone 4 and had no problem driving the Pros to volumes that were too loud for comfort. I also used the Pros with several external headphone amps with success.

The input cable on the Beats Pro, befitting a Monster Cable product, is interesting and well done. The signal cord is mostly straight, with a short, coiled section at the amplifier end. The cord is about six feet long when fully stretched out, which I find to be a usable length yet one that doesn’t get in the way on an airplane or around my computer. At the same time, the coiled section means that when you extend the cable toward the full length, you’ll feel a progressively firmer tug to your head, not an abrupt snap that could break something. Monster also realizes that you may use a ¼” phone plug input at the desk, but want to connect with a mini-plug while on the road. No problem, because Monster has attached a mini-plug to ¼” phone plug adapter with a rubber link so that you always have both connectors at hand.

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