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Benchmark Media Systems DAC2 HGC

With DSD recordings, results are on a par with PCM. Modern classical recordings, such as a Marianne Thorsen recording of Mozart’s Violin Concerto in D major (TrondheimSolistene, 2L), sound beautifully open, detailed, and just a tiny bit bright, but spectacular nonetheless. Contrasting the Benchmark with a Hegel HD12 DSD (£900) made a case for the extra cost of the newcomer,  but only in terms of openness.  While you get more of the hall acoustic with the Benchmark, in other respects the two are more or less at level pegging.

The latest incarnation of the Benchmark DAC remains a comprehensively equipped and highly capable piece of kit. Those looking for flexibility of operation will find little that competes while listeners in search of the ultimate affordable DAC have a small but remarkable contender to add to the must hear list.

Technical Specifications

Type: Solid-state high-resolution PCM and DSD-capable digital-to-analogue converter/preamplifier.

Digital inputs: Two Coaxial, two Toslink, and one USB 2.0 DoP V1.1 transmission protocol supported through USB only

Analogue inputs: Two single-ended pairs (via RCA jacks)

Analogue outputs: One stereo single‑ended (via RCA jacks), one balanced (via XLR connectors), two headphone (via 6mm jacks).

DAC Resolution/Supported Digital Formats: All PCM from 44.1KS/s to 192kHz with word lengths up to 24‑bit, DSD64 (2.8224MHz)

Frequency Response: 20Hz–20kHz, +0dB / –0.04dB

Distortion (THD + Noise): < 0.00035%, 20Hz–20kHz at 0dBFS

Output Voltage: not specified

User Interface: diecast metal remote handset

Dimensions (HxWxD): 44.5 × 249 × 237mm

Weight: 1.36kg

Price: £1,699

Manufacturer: Benchmark

Tel: +1 315-437-6300 


UK Distributor: SCV Distribution

Tel: +44(0)3301 222500


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