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Interestingly, Vertex AQ isn’t the only company that has identified the importance of mechanical vibration transmission between components. Some years after I first encountered the Vertex AQ accessories, Naim Audio, introduced its Power-Line mains cable and Hi-Line interconnect. Both of these adopt a rather different approach to achieve at least somewhat similar aims. The Naim cables make no attempt to damp or absorb any vibrations, but they do incorporate spring type mechanical decoupling.

Although the original blocks used in the mains cables and conditioners were designed to remove acoustic vibrations and reduce and/or remove unwanted RFI (radio frequency interference), during the evolution of the products it was also found that shielding from EMI (electromagnetic interference) was also important.

Consequently, many of Vertex AQ’s products are now available in a hierarchy of increasing performance. For example, the company’s first product was the Jaya, a passive shunt-type RFI mains filter that also removes vibrations within the mains circuitry. Still available in standard form, enhanced versions include the Silver Jaya, with silver conductors and superior filtering, and the HiRez variation that also incorporates EMI absorption.

I haven’t tried all of Vertex AQ’s various products, possibly because I live in the extreme East of the country, which is a long way from Vertex AQ’s base somewhere in Wales. Those that I have tried have invariably impressed me, to the point where a number have found themselves semi-permanent positions within my hi-fi system.

My pre-amp has long been sitting on a HiRez Kinabalu, the CD player is placed on a Super Kinabalu, and other Kinabalu and Super Kinabalu supports are – and will continue to be – used as required. However, the Kinabalu platforms are now apparently history, replaced by the LeadingEdge racks and platforms, of which more later.

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