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Black Rhodium Overture/Polka/Stream cables

Graham Nalty has clearly learnt a thing or two about what makes a decent cable in his time at the coalface. He has been particularly successful at getting rid of the high frequency noise that can muddy the sound of a good system and this can be heard with any of these cables, but especially when used throughout the system. There’s no shortage of competition in this arena of course, but if you are after a natural and musical sound in a revealing system then the Black Rhodium route could well be the answer. 



Type: Analogue interconnect with RCA jack terminations

Length: 1m pair

Conductor: High purity silver

Dielectric: PTFE, air

Shielding: High optical cover braid

Price: £1,200


Type: Loudspeaker cable with RCA jack terminations

Length: 5m pair

Conductor: Copper

Dielectric: Silicone rubber

Shielding: tightly braided metal screen

Price: £1,700


Type: Mains cable with 13A and IEC connections

Length: 1.7m

Conductor: Copper

Dielectric: Silicone rubber

Shielding: Tightly braided metal screen

Price: £450 (Powerstream with upgraded IEC £550)

Manufacturer: Black Rhodium

Tel: +44(0)1332 342233


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