B.M.C. Audio BDCD1.1 CD player and DAC1PreHR DAC/preamp

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B.M.C. Audio BDCD1.1 CD player and DAC1PreHR DAC/preamp

Once upon a time, high-end audio meant products that were markedly superior in build and performance than their more entry-level counterparts. It also used to mean products that retained a good resale value even a dozen years after purchase. But perhaps most importantly, high-end was ‘accessibly expensive’; not cheap, but within the reach of professional people of good financial standing.

Now, high-end seems more about making Fabergé eggs, and less bringing home the musical bacon.

B.M.C Audio is a direct challenge to extravagance for its own sake. Short for Balanced Music Concept, B.M.C. produces a small, but extremely consistent portfolio of products in two lines. The products offer superior build and performance over entry-level components. They rely on solid engineering that is a sure indicator of being able to stay the course, and they are ‘accessibly expensive’. In other words, exactly the sort of high-end audio most of us signed up for.

We had a trio of products in for test, but this time will focus on the BDCD1.1 CD player/transport, and the DAC1PreHR digital controller. The CS2 stereo integrated amplifier/stereo power amplifier will be the subject of a review at a later date. There is also a very highly respected phono stage in this line. These products are taken from the company’s higher end range; B.M.C. also produces a ‘pure’ line below these models and includes loudspeakers and cables.

B.M.C. walks on that road well travelled today; the products are designed and built in the global economy. In fact, CEO and chief designer Carlos Candeias relocated from his home in Germany to the East to ensure traditional high-end build quality values, using globally-sourced components. It clearly works; the company produces OEM products for audio’s great and good, including TEAC and, obviously, CEC.

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