Bocchino Audio Introduces the Mayflower RCA “The Illustrious" (Hi-Fi+)

Bocchino Audio Mayflower
Bocchino Audio Introduces the Mayflower RCA “The Illustrious" (Hi-Fi+)

The Bocchino Audio MayflowerTM interconnect cable design derives from the hand made cables which have been the mainstay of the Bocchino Audio portfolio for more than 10 years. Porting the hand made design into the MayflowerTM structure has resulted in many new advantages delivering a sublime performance from the MayflowerTM. The ultra Pure Copper wire strands are drawn through a diamond die, in a vacuum, to deliver a flawless circular surface.

The smoothness of the surface enables accurate delivery of high frequency music and precise stereo imaging. Solid core conductors for the signal wires enable high current carrying capacity delivering ultra fast transients, energy in the bass with a relaxed sense of immediacy of the performance space not possible with multi strand or ultraskinny wires.The return to signal ratio for RCA interconnect is 1:1; with a sophisticated ground, shield and drain wire topology anchored at the the source end; Thus enabling an extremely quiet background, not found in any other cable design. For balanced configuration the ground acts as the return through the circuit and this maintains the same quiet background for balanced listening, with the signal wires maintaining their perfect 1:1 ratio for the hot and cold. Wire purity is >99.99%+ Pure Copper with less than 20ppm impurities; traces of Silver permeate the alloy.

All MayflowerTM cables are terminated with Bocchino Audio Pure Copper connectors. For the RCA the B33 “The Illustrious” Push Fit connector, all Pure Copper 99.998% pure; this is then Silver plated. For the balanced interconnect Bocchino Audio R9 BAXLR, employing pure copper, 99.99%+ also heavily silver plated. One major property of the MayflowerTM interconnect cable is that it has identical metallurgy for both cable wire and connector for both signal and return polarities for RCA and BAXLR. MayflowerTM will deliver superb musical performance from your first listen and improve with time. Break in period at 40 hrs will see it deliver nearly most of its full performance.

From there it just gets better. MayflowerTM takes a back seat while you delight in your musical collection. Users report effortless listening to familiar cd’s and vinyl and hearing detail, content, 3D soundstaging and precision that they did not know was previously there, they just want to keep listening! Enjoy your MayflowerTM!

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Carmine Bocchino (CEO Bocchino Audio ) Designs and manufactures Pure Copper Connectors for: audioquest ( All the WEL-Signature and Wild series of interconnect cables and speaker cables connectors are designed and manufactured by Bocchino Audio );; and many others.

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