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Brinkmann Audio Nyquist

The only slight blot on the copybook was on the headphone socket, and even here there’s a lot of good to say. Headphones sound great on the Nyquist, but it lacks some dynamic drive. Not simply heavy lifting for difficult headphone loads, but across the board. It has the micro-dynamics, but not all the macro-dynamics, of its line outputs.

Looking at my notepad, words that don’t normally appear spring out when discussing the Brinkmann Nyquist. Words like ‘debonair’, ‘poised’, and ‘elegant’ as if I were describing Fred Astaire. That seems to fit in a way, because the way the Nyquist handles music is with a dancer’s touch rather than an engineer’s. This is particularly true of MQA, but it applies universally to everything the Nyquist processes. Lovely!


Inputs: USB 2.0, SPDIF, AES-EBU, TOSLINK, RJ45 ETHERNET for Streaming op on

Formats: MQA and PCM up to 384 kHz (DXD), DSD 64 and 128 via DoP (DSD over PCM), DSD 256 natively

Digital module upgradable

THD/IM distortion: < 0.01%

S/N ratio: >100 dBA

Gain adjustment: –20 to +10 dB

Output voltage: maximum ± 12 V symmetrical

Output impedance: +/–10 ohms symmetrical

Headphone output: 30-600 ohms

Dimensions (W×H×D): 420 × 95 × 310 mm (with granite base); power supply 120 × 80 × 160 mm

Weight: 12 kg; granite base 12 kg; power supply 3.2 kg

Price: £12,995

Manufacturer: Brinkmann Audio Engineering


UK Distribution: Symmetry


Tel.: +44(0)1727 865488 

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