Bristol Show 2016 exclusive: Kudos Audio flagship Titan 808 loudspeakers to run ‘Actif Avec’ Devialet Expert system


Devialet’s mission is to make all worldwide loudspeaker models SAM®-ready. At the time of writing the count is 625. Kudos Audio, in the meantime, are already working with Devialet to take the technology’s potential that little bit further in the Kudos loudspeaker range.

Based on his experience of working with Linn, Kudos’ designer Derek Gilligan spotted an opportunity to pursue active operation with Devialet’s Expert system, using the aforementioned internal DSP.

“Devialet’s powerful DSP offers a wealth of interesting possibilities,” explains Gilligan. “In this case, we’re configuring it to operate as an active crossover, specifically programmed to run our active-ready loudspeakers. All the customer needs to do is to download a piece of software, which will be available direct from Devialet.”

Gilligan is currently developing the relevant software for Kudos’ flagship Titan 808 model, with full support from Devialet. In time, the plan is to also create similar programmes for all three of Kudos’ active-enabled models, making the Super 20 and Super 10 also ‘Actif Avec’ the Devialet Expert system.

World debut at The Bristol Show 2016

Join Kudos Audio at The Bristol Show 2016 for the world’s first hearing of Kudos’ flagship Titan 808 loudspeakers running ‘Actif Avec’ Devialet’s Expert audiophile system.

The demonstration system will include 3 x Devialet ‘Le 400’ dual mono units programmed to provide bass, mid-range and treble for left and right Titan 808s operating in active mode.

Room 206, 2nd Floor

Sound & Vision: The Bristol Show

Friday 26th – Sunday 28th February 2016

About Kudos Audio

Kudos Audio’s award-winning loudspeakers have established themselves as some of the best-sounding available, with each model setting a standard at its respective price point. Why? Kudos takes an uncommon approach to loudspeaker design.

In his earlier career as a live sound engineer, designer Derek Gilligan discovered that traditional technical measurements don’t reflect everything that we hear. While these measurements are useful for fault analysis, they don’t necessarily optimise a product’s musical abilities. This inspired Derek to pursue an alternative methodology, using music as the primary tool in loudspeaker design and assessment. This departure from traditional approaches takes confidence and a wealth of experience, and contributes towards what makes Kudos different - as well as making it one of the fastest-growing UK loudspeaker companies in recent years.

Derek and his team, based in Country Durham, work closely with some of Europe’s finest suppliers to ensure that the best possible components, connections and craftsmanship are brought together in the development of the Kudos range.

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