Bryston Announces Improved SST2 “Squared” Series Power Amplifiers

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Bryston SST2
Bryston Announces Improved SST2 “Squared” Series Power Amplifiers

Peterborough, Ontario-based Bryston, Ltd. has announced upgrades to its eight-model lineup of award-winning SST power amplifiers through the release of new SST2 “Squared” series amplifiers. Interestingly, pricing for the new SST2 “Squared” models will remain the same as for their SST predecessors. The new line will range from the 2B SST2 (2 x 100 watts per channel into 8 ohms or 2 x 180 watts per channel into4 ohms, for $2650 US) on up to the 28B SST2 (1000 watts mono into 8 ohms, for $8000 US).

According to a company release, all SST2 “Squared” series amplifiers will incorporate the following upgrades and improvements:

•    Fully balanced input stages for superior EMI and RF noise rejection and improved signal-to-noise performance.
•    Improved power supply circuit boards with zero point-to-point wiring (all components plug directly into the boards for improved signal-to-noise performance.
•    New output chokes extend high frequency bandwidth.
•    Micro-controller regulated “Soft Start Circuitry” reduces the power-on strain imposed on the amp’s AC power supply.
•    A new “extreme-duty” push-style power switch improves functionality and reliability.
•    Simplified audio circuit topology reduces parts counts, requires less point-to-point wiring, improves operating efficiency and signal-to-noise ratios, and is said to enhance “musical clarity and detail.”
•    A redesigned power supply transformer reduces noise while delivering “instantaneous current.”

The release adds the Bryston will begin shipping SST2 “Squared” Series amplifiers to its dealers as of January 1, 2009.

Prices: $2650 - $8000

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