CanJam at RMAF 2016 – Part 3 of 4

This is Part 3 of a four-part report on CanJam at RMAF 2016.

Earphones and in-ear monitors,
Headphone amps and amp/DACs


Labkable is a Hong Kong-based manufacturer of exotic and highly specialised high-performance signal cable sets for many of today’s top-tier earphones, CIEMs, and headphones.

Coming into CanJam RMAF 2016, I knew relatively little about the firm, so I took the opportunity to try a set of Labkable Samurai III signal cables ($870) with my reference pair of Westone’s flagship W80 universal-fit earphones.  The Samurai III cables feature—get this—platinum alloy conductors.

Those of you who know Westone’s W80 will be aware that the earphone ships with an excellent set of relatively expensive aftermarket signal cables worth approximately $300. Given this, I really wasn’t sure how much, if any, difference the Labkable Samurai III cables would or could make. To my surprise, though, the Samurai III cables made a substantial difference, lifting the already superb performance of the W80s to a noticeably higher and more musically satisfying level.

What can I say? It was sad moment when I had to unplug the Samurai III demo samples and revert back to the W80’s original cables. (I suppose this can be chalked up to the old adage, which holds that, “The great is the enemy of the very good…” ) close brackets Great job Labkable.   

Little Dot

The Little Dot brand, whose products are built by the Chinese firm Shenzhen Audio, specialises in making high value, valve-powered headphone amplifiers. A great example would be the Little Dot Mk9 amplifier shown here as demonstrated at the Dana Cable display booth at CanJam RMAF 2016. The Little Dot Mk9 uses a complement of one 6NN9P valve and two 6080 valves in a single-ended push-pull, OCL, direct coupled headphone amplifier that is available through for $559.99.

Also shown in this image are Dana Cables signal cable sets, available for many top-end headphones, which sell for $549 - $1,399.

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