CanJam at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2017 – Part 2, Earphones & CIEMs

Earphones and in-ear monitors

Sennheiser AmbioSmart earphone/binaural microphone

For people who not only enjoy listening to music but recording it as well, Sennheiser has just the thing in the form of its AmbioSmart earphones, which also double as surprisingly high quality binaural microphones. The AmbioSmart earpieces provide conventional transducers for audio playback, while the outer shells of the earpieces contain embedded high-quality microphones. This opens up a whole world of possibilities in that users can capture videos on their smartphones while using the AmbioSmart to record high-quality binaural soundtracks for the those videos. The AmbioSmart comes with a Lightning compatible cable incorporating a building in earphone amp/DAC plus an ADC module for recording purposes and an associated control app. The price: $250.

Westone UM1 earphone

Westone’s UM1 is a single balanced armature-equipped earphone with user-replaceable MMCX-type signal cables that represents a concerted effort on the Colorado Springs, CO-based firm to bring out a genuinely high-quality earphone that neatly slips below the $100 price barrier. The UM-1 sells for $99.99 and is the least expensive earphone to bear the Westone name.

Westone WX1 earphone & BT cable bundle

The WX1 is essentially what you get if you bundle Westone’s new UM1 earphone with the firm’s new Bluetooth 4.0/aptX earphone cable to create a nice, neat, turnkey Bluetooth earphone system. The WX 1 package sells for $149.99.

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