CanJam London 2017 show – part one

Earphones and in-ear monitors,
Headphone amps and amp/DACs

The Audio Session

Who? Angus Lam, Marketing, The Audio Session

What? The Audio Session Debut Blue Label Bluetooth headphone

When available? September 2017

How much? £199

Description: The Debut Blue Label Bluetooth headphone offers dual (50mm and 30mm) dynamic drivers, both with Neodymium magnet-equipped motor systems. With an eye toward maximising sound quality the headphone features support for CSR8675 and aptX HD Bluetooth CODECs and also supports NFC pairing for greater all-around ease of use. But perhaps the Debut Blue Label headphone’s most striking feature is a whopping 30 hours of playing time per charge, which just might be a record of some kind. In short, a fully charged Debut Blue Label should be able to keep playing for all but the very longest of transcontinental flights (and in many cases will have enough power in reserve to keep playing for your return flight).

What are you listening to? Various rock & roll selections from EDM Music


Auris Audio

Who: Tijana Marjanovic, Marketing Manager, Auris Audio

What: Headonia headphone amplifier

When available: Now

Price: €7,200

Description: Auris Audio from Serbia is commanding an increasingly high profile for its audio electronics. The new four-input, all valve Headdonia headphone amp, can simultaneously run two different impedances from a single-ended and a balanced headphone at once. The standard version runs a pair of 2A3 power tubes, but a custom made version can be provided with 300B power tubes for $8,400. The company also makes a HA2 SE headphone amplifier, and all match the company’s distinctive style.

What are you listening to? Conversations by Anne Bisson and Vincent Bélanger

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