Capsule Review: Beyerdynamic A1 Headphone Amplifier (Playback 32)

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Beyerdynamic A1
Capsule Review: Beyerdynamic A1 Headphone Amplifier (Playback 32)


I’ve kept this brief because I am concerned that too much of what we say about the sounds of various headphone amps can give the impression we are describing intrinsic qualities of the amps, when in fact we’re actually (and sometimes unknowingly) discussing amp-headphone interactions.

With that consideration in mind, know that the Beyerdynamic A1 is a very punchy-sounding high output impedance amp. If high output impedance works for your headphones, and you yearn for a lively but not edgy sound, I think you’d really enjoy the A1.


Beyerdynamics A1 Solid-State Headphone Amplifier

Accessories: Power cord, high-quality RCA cable, cleaning clot
Inputs: Two analog (RCA)
Outputs: One analog (RCA), one ¼” headphone jack
Output Impedance: ~100 Ohms
Other: Features ALPS volume control, analog (RCA) output remain live whenever amp is plugged in, headphone jack becomes live only when amp is switched on.
Maximum Amplification: 18 dB
Frequency Response: 1Hz -100kHz
Dimensions (H x W x D): 1.97” x 9.84” x 8.86”
Weight: 5.07 lbs.
Warranty: 1 year, limited.
Price: $749

56 Central Ave.?
Farmingdale, NY 11735?
(800) 293-4463

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