Cardas Audio A8 earphones

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Cardas Audio A8

The A8s have become my first choice for commuting. That cable is so incredibly rugged it feels like it should be wrapped around the shoulder of a mountaineer. The earphones themselves are efficient enough to work with a smartphone, but are more than deserving of higher grades of DAC and headphone amp, and they sound great with the Chord Mojo, too.

More importantly, the Cardas A8 is a great value earphone for those who’ve grown out of boom and tizz. You’ll need to shop around for better tips if you want to know just how good these earphones are (especially in the bass), but draft in the right tips for you and you are rewarded with a sound that will make you wish your morning commute was longer. Highly recommended!

Product Details

Price: £279

Optional cable price: £49

Manufactured by: Cardas Audio


Distributed by: Audiofreaks

Tel: +44(0) 208 948 4153


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