Cardas Audio Clear Beyond interconnects

Cardas Audio Clear Beyond

Moving over to the ‘heavy lifting’ claim, this rings true, too. This is great used between preamp and power amp, because it’s so good at rejecting noise, and because it’s incredibly natural sounding. This is often the link in the chain that can undermine those silent ‘black’ backgrounds so many crave, and Beyond is exceptionally good at those ‘inter-transient silences’, even better than Clear, which is excellent in its own right.

If you want to find a piece of music that showcases what Clear Beyond does in either instance, here’s what you do. Find a piece of music and play it. The piece of music is immaterial, what’s important is how well Cardas portrays that performance. Yes, of course well-recorded audiophile cuts sound truly inviting and insightful through Clear Beyond, but it is the absolute antidote to those ‘do not suffer fools gladly’ cables that highlight the flaws in all recordings. Clear Beyond does not mask such flaws, but neither does it paint them in fine detail. It doesn’t just get out of the way of the music, it just makes it sound as great as it can.

There’s one other big bonus, which unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to check. Original Clear uses just three 25.5 AWG conductors internally, where Beyond uses four. If you are running a balanced system, that additional conductor will make a fairly substantial difference in operation.

The good news – for those of us under the watchful eye of a domestic Sauron – is Clear Beyond and Clear look almost identical. Beyond has a diameter about 1.25mm thicker and it has the word ‘Beyond’ emblazoned on the side, but if you are looking for stealth interconnect upgrades from Clear (or even Clear Light), Clear Beyond sails in unnoticed. I know this sounds trivial in the extreme, but it’s one of the most common – if hushed – questions we get asked at shows: “what can I buy that the Other Half won’t notice?”

As with the power cord and speaker cables, Clear Beyond interconnects offer a step up on the already outstanding Clear. Clear remains one of the best interconnects we have ever heard, but Clear Beyond confidently improves upon that performance in almost all aspects, without any sacrifices in performance. It might be the most expensive cable Cardas has ever made, but it is well worth it. Very highly recommended!

Price and contact details

Prices: £3,750/1m pair RCA (as tested). No surcharge on XLR connection

Manufactured by: Cardas Audio


Distributed in the UK by: Audiofreaks


Tel: +44(0)20 8948 4153 

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