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Cardas Clear  Power Cords

Cardas’ top of the range Clear cables were missing a key element until recently. Interconnects, speaker cables, even USB cables were all extant, but the power cord was conspicuous by its absence. In fact, the company was biding its time, as it has now launched three power cords; Cardas Clear M (for medium), Clear Power and Clear Beyond Power. 

The Clear power cables all use the same basic layout seen in the Clear loudspeaker cable, except with three copper conductor golden ratio strand layouts in place of the send and return in the speaker wire. The difference is in the size of the conductors, the concomitant thickness of the insulation and diameter of the cable itself and the type of broadband filter used. All three feature a custom (‘tuned’) ferrite toroidal built into one of the Furutech terminators (the plug in the case of the Clear M, the socket in the Clear and Clear Beyond) and this passes all three legs of the cable. The combination of this and the multipath stranding are designed to combine to smooth power ripples and noise.

The easy way of thinking about these cables is ‘good, better, best’; the Clear M does deliver a smoother, more satisfying dynamic range and unforced sound like the Clear cables, Clear extends that slightly and Clear Beyond knocks the performance out of the park with its elegance and refinement. And that’s just with ‘normal’ equipment.

However, this is somewhat at odds with the Cardas take on its own cords. To Cardas itself, Clear M is the flexible Clear cable for source components and preamps, Clear is ideal for more meaty integrated amps and smaller power amps and Clear Beyond is set aside for the really big guns. In this sense, the Cardas cables offer smoothness, dynamics and re nement equally… you just pick the cable that fits the demands.

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