CEDIA Discoveries—Adam Audio Introduces Mid-Priced Speakers with Heil-Type Drivers

CEDIA Discoveries—Adam Audio Introduces Mid-Priced Speakers with Heil-Type Drivers

Most people think of the CEDIA Expo as a show that focuses on custom electronics and home theater, but this year’s Expo proved a hotbed for high-end audio announcements, as evidenced by German firm Adam Audio GmbH, which exhibited a new family of mid-priced speakers that incorporate exotic Heil-type ART drivers. The new range is called the Classik Mk3 series.

The Classik Mk3 speakers, much like Adam’s top-tier Tensor models, leverage two key technologies: Heil-type ART (accelerating ribbon technology) drivers (used as tweeters in all Classik models and also as midrange drivers in the top Classik model), and Hexacone mid-bass drives and woofers (which leverage technologies developed by the German driver manufacturer Eton).

Adam describes its ART drivers as “a further development of the famous ‘Air Motion Transformer by Dr. Oskar Heil,” and lists the drivers’ benefits as “unprecedented clarity and transient reproduction.”

Hexacone drivers, in turn, use a core made of “a honeycomb Nomex structure that makes them both extremely light and very stiff,” with the front and back sides of the driver cones “coated with Kevlar.” Adam claims the resulting drivers “are far more rigid than paper or aluminum devices of similar dimensions,” so that “break up resonances in the diaphragm cone are prevented.”

Interestingly all Classik Mk3 models can be ordered either in passive or active (that is, self-powered) versions. The Classik Mk3 range includes the following:

Classik Compact Mk3, 2-way stand-mount monitor, ($2998/pair, passive; $3998/active).

Classik Center Mk3, 2 ½-way center channel, ($2399/each, passive; $2999, active)

Classik Pencil Mk3, 2 ½-way floorstander, ($4998/pair, passive; $6,998/pair, active)

Classik Column Mk3, 3-way, four-driver floorstander, ($6,998/pair, passive; $9,998/pair, active)

Adam SW260 powered subwoofer, ($1299/each, active)

For more information, visit: www.adam-audio.com.  

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