CEDIA Discoveries—Octave Audio Tube Electronics from Germany

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CEDIA Discoveries—Octave Audio Tube Electronics from Germany

In the world of high-end audio it can sometimes take many years for a new brand to evolve, slowly moving from the release of one model to the next, until a complete product family is developed. But every once in while a new brand (or at least one that is new to the US market) springs into existence fully formed, offering an extensive and enticing range of products from the outset (see the image gallery that accompanies this article). So it is with the new brand Octave Audio—a German-made family of high-end tube-based amplifiers that will be distributed in the US by Dynaudio USA.  Octave Audio is based in Karlsbad-Ittersbach, Germany.

CEDIA 2009 served as the US debut for Octave, with an impressive range of models on display (and in at least one case, on demonstration) in the Dynaudio booth. Among the models shown were the following:


  • HP 500 SE preamp, $10000 (or $11,500 for versions with either a built-in moving magnet—HP 500 SE MM—or moving coil—HP 500 SE MC—phonostage).
  • HP 300 Mk2 preamp, $5500 (or $6800 for a version with a built-in moving coil phonostage, called HP 300 Mk2 MC).

Add-on Power Supply Enhancement Modules:

  • Black Box, $1200
  • Super Black Box, $3500

Integrated Amplifiers:

  • V80 integrated amplifier, 75 Wpc, $9800 (or $10,500 for versions with either a built-in moving magnet—V80MM—or moving coil—V80MC—phonostage).
  • V70 integrated amplifier, 70 Wpc, $6600.
  • V40 SE integrated amplifier, 40 Wpc, $4900.

Power Amplifiers:

  • RE 280 Mk2 stereo power amplifier, 70 Wpc, $8000.
  • MRE 130 monoblock amplifier, 130 Wpc, $16000/pair.

An even more advanced (and presumably more expensive) reference-grade preamp and monoblock power amp from Octave, collectively known as the Jubilee Line, may also join the lineup of products distributed by Dynaudio in the US. Pricing and details for the Jubilee models were not available at CEDIA, but the components were on display (and demonstration) in the Dynaudio room at the recent Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2009, where they both looked great and sounded very promising.

For more information, visit: www.dynaudio.com/us/index2.php?id=13

Or, for those who are comfortable navigating German-language Web sites, visit: www.octave.de

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